Thursday, October 21, 2010


What do you do when you feel God is asking you to do something for Him that is beyond your present capabilities?

Often, when this question is posed to people, the response is that they’ll do what God has asked them to do – however, as many of us know, our ACTUAL response if often times far different to what one can call the ‘Christian answer’. It’s daunting – we in fact try to reason it away, act like it was just by chance that we read ‘that’ scripture, that it was by chance that we met ‘that’ person – and so often times we give up altogether!

In many ways, I have asked all these question of myself lately – did I hear God? Did I act in the right way? Did I follow my own desires or did I obey God?

The last nine months have been a profound journey of discovery. God gave me this oversized vision…and in once sense no idea how to achieve it…
A few months ago, I listened to a sermon on our capacity and call. The picture that was given was that of an oversized raincoat. When we try it on – we realize it’s too big! We are in a sense ‘drowning’ in the sheer size of the raincoat!

So we say:”…this is too big for me!”
God responds: “I made it just for you!”
We say: “But Lord, that’s impossible – look at me I don’t fit in it AT ALL!”
God says: “Well…you have to grow into it!”

What a beautiful picture! God gives vision way bigger than ourselves, but we have to grow into it! We have to allow God to grow us into whom HE wants us to be. When we start praying and walking like this, it takes us out of our place of comfort to a place where you HAVE to be TOTALLY reliant on Him – but isn’t that exactly the point!?!

God has given me a vision…God has given you a vision – but it may not come immediately – sometimes we have to go back to school – learn from the master himself as to what should be done and how it should be done. When God is doing heart-work, there is no time frame. When God gives you vision, you have to position yourself in Him to see the vision come to fruition.

Andy Stanley says: “Direction, not intention – determines your destination”.

If you want to go from Durban to Jo’burg, you are not going to drive to Cape Town first. Yet some of us are heading to Cape Town – we’re on our way there. We have all the INTENTION to get to Jo’burg, but our direction does not line up with our intention – hence we will never reach our destination!

We need to position ourselves – reset the GPS, point it to the place and go in that DIRECTION! By setting your direction to fit the vision, fit the goal God has for you – you will reach the destination!
Unfortunately we sometimes have the intention, but not the direction. Let’s realize that we need to grow into God’s vision for our lives, but let’s also step out in obedience to his call and position ourselves to reach the destination God has for us!

Personally, I am loving the journey… God has proved himself faithful again and again. From transport to finances, to the most amazing friendships this side of eternity. God has also set me in a wonderful Church community (Hillcrest Christian Fellowship) for which I am truly thankful and blessed!

When you are walking in the will of God, you see things you have never seen before, experience things you haven’t experienced before, do things you have never done before and experience HIS peace like never before!


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