Wednesday, August 12, 2009

REFLECTION ON A DAY – old 2005 blog post that serves as a good reminder!

As I was sitting back and reflecting on another crazy day, I found myself thinking about ministering in the context I am in. I was thinking of the past, reflecting on the present and looking towards the future…where is God taking me?


This is a question all of us ask from time to time. What is God's will, plan and purpose for my life? It was then that I thought about how God had been working in my life and the people he had placed across my path, and a all of a sudden it struck me how blessed I was to have such great friends and family and people who support me – a true gift. I look at nature and stand in awe! That our dad has taken care of every little detail in our lives so that we can enjoy his blessings and wonderful creation – He is in control.


The words of Psalm145:4-7 started mulling in my mind


Psalm 145:4-7
"What you have done will be praised from one generation to the next; they will proclaim your mighty acts. They will speak of your glory and majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds. People will speak of your mighty deeds, and I will proclaim your greatness. They will tell about all your goodness and sing about your kindness."


I have come to realize over the last while that one needs to take rest and appreciate what God has given us and just simply enjoy hanging out with God and marvel at His works. You see we get caught up with so much "stuff" in our lives that we often forget to enjoy God's wonderful blessings. We forget to say thank you and rush from one place to the next…and all for what? This again comes back to the crux of living a life of deep appreciation and humility in front of our Saviour. It takes coming to the Father saying "I am not all I claim to be" and getting to a place where we can change our focus to giving God all the glory and honour. The same is true with our gifts…we often rely so on our gifting that we forget God in the process (ironically – the One who has given us the gift in the first place), but coming back to God with that humble heart day by day shows us that we are dependant on His love and grace.


Why Humility? Well, we read in 2 Corinthian12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you; my power is made perfect in weakness". You see the interesting thing of Humility is that when we humble ourselves, we surrender "self", and allow more of God. In so doing we exalt God and we give Him the glory and not ourselves. A good example is that of Gideon when God told Gideon to fight the Midianites. Gideon rallied up an army of 30,000 soldiers, but what did God do? he told Gideon he had too many soldiers. That day 20,000 men went home, and Gideon was left with 10,000 men. But God had other plans…still the army was too big, and eventually God narrowed the army down to only 300 men and the outcome was that the Midianites were defeated. The army did not defeat the Midianites by their own strength, but they defeated the Midianites by God's strength.


What can be learned from this? Humbling ourselves and becoming weak - giving back to God what he has given us - makes us dependant on Him more, and less on ourselves. When we are weak we tend to rely on God's strength rather than our own and if God does not "show" we certainly will 'drown' so to speak.


Therefore we must constantly remind ourselves of God's promise - that His grace is sufficient for us and that it is not about us, but all about Him. All glory, honour and praise to Him who has given us yet another day to enjoy his marvelous creation and to be able to share it together. Therefore, we might not always be sure of where God is leading us, but through coming to God simply saying "here I am, use me with all my scars and bruises…I am here for Your glory" brings a rich simplicity back into our walk, and helps us to rely on God's love as we journey through life's hills and valleys. The challenge for us is to go back and humble ourselves and appreciate the little things that God has blessed us with and to walk like we have never walked before with our Dad – totally reliant on Him!





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