Friday, September 26, 2008

Portraits of the Past

A friend of mine, Paul, came into the office a while ago and just chatted about a few things that's happening at the moment. We then went on to look at some of my videos and photos I had on my computer from my previous church – and it was so awesome to see the memories of back then and reminisce. The thought that came to me was that I AM BLESSED! Blessed to have had God in my life and blessed that I am able to serve Him in full-time ministry!

As I was looking at the videos, I thought to myself..."man, we don't celebrate enough". By this I mean, that in churches we sometimes get so focussed on what still needs to be done, that we forget to be thankful for what God has done, as well as celebrate the people who have served alongside you faithfully. I was just again reminded that people are precious to God, and that the local church is made up of the people – and hence we need to give thanks for them daily & CELEBRATE!

I'm taking some of my leaders tomorrow to celebrate – THEY are the ones that need to be encouraged – 'cause they have been a huge support and encouragement to me – and they make it a whole lot of fun to serve as well!

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megs said...

That's so true Ockie. I feel so blessed and grateful as well, and we should totally celebrate all the time! Thanks for your post:)