Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Feuds, Fun & Friendship

Families are incredibly interesting, yet complicated things. I often wonder how so many people from the same family can be so very different, and at the best of times even 'get on' with one another.

This past week I've been in Jo'burg to do my first wedding (not my own...), but the interesting thing was what happened before and after the wedding itself. Now for a little bit of extra brother and I have not seen each other since my graduation (which was in May 2007), which makes it nearly one and a half years since we last saw each other. My brother and my relationship has had its ups and downs, but a miracle happened on Monday...My mom, brother and I had lunch together before I flew back home! WHAT A HUGE BLESSING!!!

This may not sound exciting to many, but for me it has almost been a turning point. I really love my brother, but we are very different, and I had almost lost hope at ever having a relationship with him, but what is amazing is that we were able to sit around a meal and chat about all sorts of stuff. Family,! It was as if the past did not happen – it was just my mom, my brother and I and not a care in the world! We've been chatting too over the last few days, and I have just again been reminded that we must NEVER give up praying for one another! My relationship with my brother hasn't been great over the last 6 – 7 years, but we've made a start, and I thank God daily for the privilege it has been to reconnect with my brother!

So please NEVER stop praying for family members, never stop forgiving, and ALWAYS seek to restore relationships! It may still be a while for it to be what it should, but it feels like I've found something I've lost – and man....what a great feeling it is to have found it!

Let's continue to give thanks for God's 'little' blessings he gives us each day!

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megs said...

That's so awesome Ockie! :)